What are the traits of a reliable moving company?

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    When it comes to moving, there are a lot of moving companies. When you start searching, you will probably feel confused. How to know which one is better? Or more reliable? The real question is what are the traits of a reputable moving company? Are they popular? Or they have a lot of reviews? What services can they offer you? Also, you need to know what are you looking for, what do you expect from a moving company. That will make the search much easier.

    One of the traits of a reliable moving company is honesty

    We often hear about moving scams and it is natural that you might feel scared to hire a moving company, even only if you need packing services. And that is why the first and the most important trait of a moving company is honesty. They should be honest about everything: prices, moving services, what you can expect. They won’t offer you one price as a moving quote, and another one as a final cost. An honest moving company will not have hidden costs. They will tell you all possible additional costs up-front!

    list of traits of a reliable moving company
    You need an honest company that is customer orientated

    Reviews of a moving company need to be honest too

    When you start searching for more information about a certain moving company, the first thing you will search for are reviews. And if you see that a moving company has only positive reviews from profiles that seem fake – that is not a good sign nor a trait of reliable movers. If they have mixed reviews, good, bad – but mostly good, you do not have to worry about a thing. Also, before hiring them – check those reviews on a couple of different websites. That way, you will be able to compare them and you will know which reviews are fake.

    Communication is a key and important traits of a reliable moving company

    For example, you need to move your business or your office. You found movers, but you simply can not communicate with them easily. That is not a good sign. You need reliable office movers, that you can contact easily, ask them all the questions you might have and communicate with them without obstacles. They should be open, honest, and available to you during their business hours. If you feel like you have to chase a moving company that should move your office or your home – that is not one of the traits of a reliable moving company. It is better to look for another one than to hire unreliable movers.

    person yelling in the phone
    if you can communicate with a moving company easily – that is the right choice

    Their website should be informative

    In the modern world that we live in, every company should have a website. It doesn’t have to be big or anything, it is enough that it has a simple about us page, list of services, contact form. If they have pictures, or something additional – that is great. Although it might seem odd that this is one of the traits of a reputable moving company, it really is not. This is the best way for a company to present itself to the world, and get customers. If they have a nice, clean website – you can expect to get service like that as well.

    A reliable moving company need to be licensed and insured

    A moving company is licensed and insured really is not a trait, is something that they simply need to have. A trait of a reliable and reputable moving company is the fact that they are clearly showing their USDOT number and that they are insured. The only thing you need to do is to check this information, and you can think about hiring this moving company. If they are licensed and insured you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or anything similar.

    Experience is one of the traits of a reliable moving company

    A moving company that has the experience, and has done a lot of relocations is always the best choice. Simply, you need professionals that can handle your belongings without being afraid that they will damage them. A company that has experience is usually very well established, so you will be able to get information about them fairly easily. But if you found a company that is new and you are thinking about hiring them, make sure to do thorough research. It doesn’t have to mean that they are bad, or that it is a scam, simply it is better to be safe than sorry. But, don’t forget it is important that you leave your review and help someone that way, who will be in the same position as you.

    experience written on chalk board
    A moving company with experience is a good choice

    Quality of their equipment

    One of the things that will tell you a lot about a moving company is how they are treating their equipment, and the quality of it. Ideally, you should go and visit them in their office so you can check everything before you hire them. If the quality of their equipment is low and it seems like it will break every moment – it is better to skip them. Investing in your business is important, and if they are not ready to do that – they won’t take too much care when it comes to your belongings. We at Sky Moving take care of your belongings like they are our own. So make sure to find a company that will pay attention to the smallest detail and that will handle everything with care!

    Relocation can be affordable

    We all know that relocations are expensive. But they don’t have to drain your budget. A reliable moving company has competitive prices and they usually have a lot of things to offer you. From storage to packing to packing supplies. Simply a reliable and trustworthy moving company will recognize the need of their customers, and they will adapt their offer and their prices. Being able to adapt is one of the important traits of a reliable moving company. being able to adapt means that they will be able to adapt to you and your needs since there are no 2 same relocations.

    The important thing to remember, if the price seems too low to be real – it probably isn’t real. Try to find a middle ground, and make sure that you hire a moving company that has some of these traits. But at the same time, they can provide you with all the services you might need!




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    April 20. 2021


    ''These guys did a great job with my heavy stuff! I only needed a few heavy things moved (like a refrigerator, sofa, big display case, etc). They showed up on time, were helpful and friendly, and were done on-time. And they moved all my heavy stuff down a flight of stairs in the LA heat! Definitely recommend them, and will use them again in the future!''

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