Top places in San Fernando Valley for future actors

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    So, you decided to move to Los Angeles, the world’s capital city of entertainment? As an aspiring actor, you are probably looking for some places in San Fernando Valley for future actors you can live in. Because of that, we are going to talk about several places you can call your home while you chase the dream of becoming an actor. Now, finding a place to live in LA is a reasonable issue many new actors have. By finding the perfect place to live, you will open many doors in the industry. Furthermore, once we help you find that place, we advise hiring professional moving companies, like Sky Moving, to help you relocate with ease. So, without further ado, let us talk about the places you can call your home in Los Angeles. More specifically, in San Fernando Valley.

    Places in San Fernando Valley for future actors you can take into consideration

    If you are an actor to be and are looking for a place to call home in the city of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley is the best choice to make. Locally known as the Valley, it contains a large portion of the city of Los Angeles, as well as areas like Burbank and San Fernando.

    two people looking at the Hollywood sign as one of top places in San Fernando Valley for future actors
    Los Angeles offers endless possibilities for people from the entertainment industry

    What sets this valley apart from the rest of the city is that it is home to many movie studios. Some of the most famous ones are Warner Bros Studios and Walt Disney Studios. More importantly, San Fernando Valley is home to Universal Studio theme park. Therefore, to help you find a job as an actor, today we will talk about:

    • Burbank
    • Studio City
    • North Hollywood
    • Los Feliz
    • Sherman Oaks


    On the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley lies the city of Burbank. Many people claim that Burbank is one of the nicest areas in the city. The city of Burbank is 12 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, making it very convenient for those who will road around the city for auditions and job offers. Moreover, people often refer to Burbank as the “Media Capital of the World”. This is because the area is a few miles away from Hollywood and has numerous world-class studios and companies in the area, like Walt Disney Studio, Universal Studio, Nickelodeon Studio, and Warner Bros Studio. Furthermore, Burbank is a safe, well-maintained area. More importantly, it is very close to auditions and studios. However, you will have to break the bank if you are thinking of living in the area as it is a little bit on the expensive side.

    Studio City

    Studio City is a neighborhood on the southeastern side of San Fernando Valley. It got its name from the studio lot that was established by Mack Sennet in 1927. Now, that studio lot is known as CBS Studio Center. Around 34.000 residents are living in the area. The Studio City area is very similar to Sherman Oaks, due to its proximity. However, you will find slightly more actors in Studio City and you will be closer to Burbank or Hollywood if you need to go to auditions.

    a man in the dark holding a filming camera
    Studio City is often a starting point for many amateur actors due to its proximity to Hollywood and Burbank

    Now, before you contact moving companies San Fernando Valley to relocate you, be sure you can afford the housing. Granted, not expensive as other parts of LA, but the rent is usually between $1.400 to $1.800. Studio City is one of the places in San Fernando Valley for future actors that is great for starting.

    Places in San Fernando Valley for future actors: North Hollywood

    Are you sure you want to act, but do not know where to start? How about starting in theaters? NoHo, as locals call it, has numerous small and independent theatres that can be a great jumping point for new actors. Moreover, North Hollywood is one of the most popular places for newly made actors. Furthermore, many artists and actors call NoHo their home. The rent ranges from $1.100 to $1.300 per month and can offer a plethora of different acting jobs. Moreover, the neighborhood has metro access and offers a lot of different things you can do. So, contact movers Van Nuys to help you relocate to NoHo as soon as possible.

    Los Feliz

    If you are looking for the best East LA neighborhood, look no further. Los Feliz is a hillside neighborhood below Hollywood. Unlike other neighborhoods, Los Feliz gives a strong artistic vibe and is home to many young actors. Many people view Los Feliz as a less active North Hollywood. However, it might be difficult to find an apartment in the area. Furthermore, the rents are between $1.400 and $1.800 per month. On the other hand, Los Feliz is very close to auditions and studio cities.

    a picture of Los Angeles from the top of a hill with the city expanding over the horizon
    Los Feliz is a great starting place for actors that can afford rent in the area

    So, if you are looking to move to Los Feliz, consider hiring movers Calabasas to help you relocate. More importantly, if you can afford the price for rent, this might be a really good choice for starting actors.

    Sherman Oaks

    Sherman Oaks is, besides Los Feliz, one of the finest places in San Fernando Valley for future actors. Living in the city is relatively affordable. The rent is $1.400 to $1.900 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. What makes this area great for actors is that it is safe, affordable, and quite walk-friendly. Furthermore, Sherman Oaks is close to the 101 and 405 freeways, making it easier for you to catch that last-minute audition around town. However, Sherman Oaks, being in the San Fernando Valley, is considered to be a little “far away”. More importantly, it does not have the access to a metro station. This means that if movers Encino relocate you there, you will most likely have to rely on your own vehicle.




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