Tips for helping kids settle into your new home in LA

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    Moving is not easy, especially for children. For they are leaving behind their friends and going to a place they know nothing about, it is quite stressful for them. So even if they were positive about relocation, once they arrive, they might lose the enthusiasm. And rightfully so. Therefore it is important that even though there is a ton of stuff that you have to do, you find time for them. It might seem impossible, with all the unpacking and arranging. But being there for them during this tough period will greatly benefit them. But how to do it? Sky Moving has a few tips for helping kids settle into your new home in LA. In no time, your children will adjust quickly to the new environment.

    girl taking a teddy bear from a table
    Encourage your kids to pack their own toys

    An essentials bag will assist your kids with settling into the new LA home

    Leaving everything behind is not easy. So helping kids settle into your new home in LA is of utmost importance. And one way to do this is to pack an essentials bag or a box. So before movers arrive to professionally pack your belongings, ask the kids to pack their most valuable items. It does not have to be a lot of things. Even just a few that are precious to them are enough. Also, they can do this alone, or you can assist them. Encourage them to pack their favorite toys, books, or music. That way, when they move, they will have something from their old home. It will give them comfort and stability during this turbulent period. However, ensure that the boxes stay with the kids throughout the move. If the movers take them, they might not find them for a while.

    Helping kids settle into your new home starts with a tour

    Once you move everything into your new home, take a tour with your kids. Go from room to room and discuss where everything is going to be. Talk about the things you are going to do there and how it is going to look. Ask them about their opinion and suggestions. You can also do it before local movers Los Angeles relocate you. Make a trip with the whole family to look at the new home. Likewise, show them the yard, attic, and garage. One of the best ways to make them feel comfortable in the new space is to play a game. So try playing hide and seek. Or go for the old fashion guessing game. Ask them questions like which is the biggest room or the one they like the best. Finally, give them time to explore the home on their own.

    Your kids will settle more easily after the move if you unpack their room first

    Moving is messy, so when you arrive at your home, it is going to be full of boxes. It will take time to unpack and arrange everything. Therefore once residential movers unload all your belongings, the best place to start is with the rooms you will need immediately. So firstly, unpack the kitchen and the bathroom. Once you finish, your kids’ rooms are next. If they are too small, you can ask them to help you pull everything out of the boxes. However, older ones will feel more comfortable if they do it themselves. Have a conversation on how they would like their room to look. Also, assist them throughout the process so that it goes faster. This step is essential, and it will help them feel comfortable in the new space.

    boy and a girl playing on the floor
    The best tip for helping kids settle into your new home in LA is to set up their room as soon as possible

    Establishing a routine will aid your kids in feeling comfortable in your new home in LA

    Routine is what gives kids a sense of stability. So as soon as you can start imposing some rules. However, you might want to let them relax the first night. If they went through a lot of stress, it will take them some time to relax and settle down. Therefore, allow them to go to bed when they feel like it. But the next day, reestablish the old routine. It is especially important if they feel agitated or are acting out. It will help them settle faster. Also, if you are used to going to a park at a certain time of the day, continue doing it. Even if you are busy with unpacking, try to find time for your children. It will not only benefit the kids but you as well.

    A walk around the neighborhood will help your kids feel more comfortable in your new home

    Before the move, sit down with your kids and make a list of all the things they would like to see in their new neighborhood. It will help them feel excited about the new place and not feel afraid. So write down all their questions and make a list of all the important spots to visit. Once you move, take a tour of the area. You can drive around, but the walks are the best if you wish to meet the neighbors. Visit the closest park, and take a look at the playground area. Also, buy some drinks and snacks at the cafe that looks welcoming. This tour will help them familiarize themselves with the area and feel more at ease.

    parent and a child playing in a park
    Your kids will adjust fast if you show them the new park and spend some time playing with them

    Helping kids settle into your new home in LA will benefit the entire family

    Happy kids make a happy home. So helping kids settle into your new home in LA is of the utmost importance. Start by taking a tour of the place. Show them every room and ask if they have any suggestions about what should go where. Also, Los Angeles is a big city, so plan ahead and try to free up some time for sightseeing of the new neighborhood. Unpack their room first so they have a safe space where they can feel comfortable. Establish as soon as possible a routine and stick to it. Because it will help kids feel calm and stable. With a little bit of patience, your kids will feel right at home in no time.








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