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    Whether you need to move your couch across town or need help transferring all your furniture into storage, Sky Moving is here to service your move. We can handle single item moves, and large furniture hauls. We make furniture moving a stress-free event for our residential and commercial clients. Our clients perceive us to be among the most reliable furniture movers Los Angeles County has to offer. We work hard to maintain that reputation and have been successful in doing so for years. Contact us to learn more about our furniture moving services. Ask us for a free moving quote, and expect our customer service rep to answer all your questions.   

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    Don’t  move your couch by yourself, contact Sky Moving and get experienced furniture movers at your doorstep in record time

    Move your furniture quickly and efficiently with Sky Moving by your side

    Do you need to transport the furniture from your apartment to a storage unit until you find a new place? We can help. The Sky Moving crew has much experience in furniture moving and delivery and a wide range of related moving services. We like to think we are among the most efficient furniture movers in Los Angeles County. Our moving crew is a group of young and professional individuals who take their job seriously, constantly striving for improvement. We try to make every move more efficient than the last one and take pride in learning from our previous experience. Thankfully, our clients give us their complete confidence and encourage us to work harder. Expect us to give our best shot to make the relocation as smooth as possible. 

    There are many reasons to choose Sky Moving to move your furniture

    When moving your entire household or your whole office, you want your furniture to be in safe hands. That is absolutely understandable and highly recommended from a professional standpoint. As a professional moving company, we have performed over 400 relocations and learned a great deal from our clients. Every moving job is unique in its scope and requirements, and we, as trained movers, have to adapt and find the best individual solution that works best. In the last six years, operating in the moving industry, we emphasize hard work, dedication and commitment. If you choose us to give you a helping hand with moving your coach or your entire office, you will witness our principles. Give us a chance to prove our honest desire to help others by helping them move towards a new life chapter.   

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    Finding the right moving company is easy when reliable furniture movers Los Angeles County are only a few clicks away

    Make your move go smoothly with the right furniture movers, Los Angeles County

    Do not worry if you have to transport your oversize sofa down the stairs from the third floor. Moving furniture up and down the stairs, through hallways and corners is our specialty. We can move your sofa or any piece of furniture with ease and without damaging it. Besides moving your furniture around, you can expect the Sky Moving crew to offer you to disassembly your larger pieces and reassemble it once we transport them to the new location. This step is sometimes necessary to ensure the safe transport of your items without damaging them. Our movers will wrap and pack all your pieces and protect them from scratching or getting dents. We have all the necessary packing and protective materials you need and require. Trust us to handle your household belongings adequately and move them smoothly to your new home or storage. 

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    Sit, relax and let our moving professionals worry about all the details of your upcoming relocation

    Choose furniture moving services that will make your relocation stress-free

    When in need of furniture movers in Los Angeles County, count on our professional support. Sky Moving will give you the assistance you need to bring your relocation to completion. We will offer our professional guidance through your stress-free relocation from the instance you ask for a free moving estimate.

    • We will ensure to note the dimensions of your furniture
    • Our crew will make sure the right tools and equipment is used 
    • We will handle the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture with the utmost care
    • Our experienced movers will wrap and pack your furniture pieces for maximum protection
    • We will take into account stairs, narrow hallways, and corners when estimating time to move the items

    We are not your average furniture movers Los Angeles County

    The Sky Moving team of experts has extensive experience in a whole range of moving services. That is why our mission is to develop solutions that work best for the majority of our customers. Because every move is special and every client has unique requirements, we offer you to choose our help in the following areas:

    If you decide on using some of our services, be sure our movers will consult with you every step of the way. From the moment you receive a free, non-binding estimate until you receive a detailed moving plan, you will be involved in the process. Our team will meet with you on your moving day and go over the details once again before starting to move your belongings, considering your directions. 

    Check the quality of our work and verify Sky Moving is the best crew around

    We carefully select our employees and invest in their training to be competitive and always able to cater to the specific needs of our clients. We make it our goal to be furniture movers Los Angeles County residents call first whenever a need for quality service arises. If you would like to get your free estimate, be sure to contact Sky Moving customer service. We will get in touch as soon as possible and provide you with the needed information to help you make an informed decision. Hopefully, we will be able to partner in making your upcoming relocation a successful endeavor. 





    Brian M.


    May 5. 2021


    ''These guys did a great job with my heavy stuff! I only needed a few heavy things moved (like a refrigerator, sofa, big display case, etc). They showed up on time, were helpful and friendly, and were done on-time. And they moved all my heavy stuff down a flight of stairs in the LA heat! Definitely recommend them, and will use them again in the future!''

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