Moving with kids – how to do it right?

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    Moving brings with it a lot. Financial difficulties, the chaos around the packaging, and worries about how you will be in your new apartment and neighborhood. However, one of the biggest concerns you need to consider is your children. It is likely that if you find it difficult to move and separate from your current lifestyle, it will be much harder for your children. That is why it is very important that moving with kids is as carefree and cheerful as possible. Consider hiring a reliable moving company so you can fully dedicate yourself to them!

    Children as children are much more attached to things than adults. At some point, our everyday life becomes a habit, whether we want to admit it or not. This is not the case with children. Children love everything around them much more emphatically. The company, the way to school, the playground in the park, and finally their room which they experience as their empire and it is hard for them to leave it.

    Moving with kids- Step one

    The first step in moving with kids is to prepare long before the move happens. Of course, if the move happened suddenly, there is no help, and the children will be forced to adapt. Therefore, they will probably have a difficult period, but there is hope that it will all pass very soon. However, if the move is certain, it is up to you to prepare your children for it. Talk to them as early as you can. Tell them that moving is something that happens and is inevitable. Assure them that this is not a bad thing and that you will do your best to make their new place as beautiful as this one. The reaction will not be a delight but it is good that they will have this information in their little heads, which will help you a lot later.

    Girl in white shirt smiling while playing with toys
    Spend time with your kids!

    Step two – Prepare them well

    Step two is a few tips on how to better prepare your children for moving. A few days or weeks before moving, you can do a complete audit of their room and things together with them. In this way, children slowly begin to realize that relocation is happening. It doesn’t have to be any big deal. Just a few boxes, folders, duct tape, and scissors. That way, you spend quality time with your children and pack things together that they don’t need. Every child has things they don’t use at all, or clothes that they have outgrown. Pack it in boxes and put it away. Of course, depending on the age of your children, you can decide what to do with these things. You can donate them, sell them online which will go into their pocket money, or just get rid of them.

    Also, good advice when moving with children is to come up with a new layout in their new room together. Children love novelties, so it would not be bad to suggest them to choose a new table and chair, lazy bag or laptop for their new room. Also, allow them to choose the color of the walls in their new room so that they realize as soon as possible that moving is not such a bad thing.

    Step three – Getting to know the new location

    In the era of the Internet and social networks, you can easily search online for any place in this world. If you are moving for a longer distance, show your child online what their new street and nearby playground will look like. You can also show him pictures of an apartment or house with a yard, depending on where you move. Be careful not to show all the photos, so that something would be a surprise. If you are moving somewhere nearby, then it is a recommendation to go with your children to that place and simply walk around the end and see together what it all looks like.

    Colorfull playground
    Go with your kids to the playground

    Step four – Prepare a good story for the things the kids love

    No matter how hard we try to communicate with children in the most serious way possible, and no matter how much they give good feedback, we must not forget – they are still children! Every child has things they love, some are common to them and some are special. You certainly know what your child likes and what he aspires to. Search and ask what the city or place you are moving to offers. Take a look at what’s nearby that might be interesting to them. That way moving with the kids will go much easier. The children will have in their heads to go to a place where not everything will be as before, but not everything is so black. Of course, there is a possibility that they will like everything and will be delighted with the idea, which is a complete jackpot!

    Final step- moving day

    Moving day is also an important thing when it comes to moving with children. The best solution for you is to spend a quality day with them and have people from moving companies do the work for you. If this is not the case, it is important to involve them in the move as much as possible. Helping with packing and bringing things in will make them feel important and satisfied. It is important to maintain a good atmosphere to mask the situation that is happening as much as possible. It wouldn’t be bad if that day was their favorite food to eat and then their favorite dessert, that would help a lot, wouldn’t it?  

    Family spending time together on street
    Do everything together!

    5 mistakes to avoid when moving with kids

    • Waiting until the last minute to tell them that you are moving
    • Doing all by yourself without their help
    • Not providing them hanging out with friends before leaving
    • Not paying full attention to them after moving
    • Arranging other rooms before their room

    Moving with kids can be a real adventure and stress-free event if you make an effort. Your children are forced to go with you, but let’s make it seem to them entirely to their liking and their desires. Both you and your children will be happier and will be able to adapt to the new environment. Good luck!




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    April 18. 2021


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