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    Moving your home to a new neighborhood or city is always challenging. In addition, if you moving with kids it could be even more demanding. Are you looking for an ideal neighborhood where you will move with your kids? Luckily, you are at the right place! If you have children and looking for an exciting neighborhood, moving to North Hollywood could be perfect for you. If you are concerned about the moving process our Los Angeles County movers will be glad to help you out. We are your best choice when it comes to moving to North Hollywood with kids. So, today we will remind you of all the goods things that await your family after relocation. Also, this simple guide will help you prepare for this process. Stay with us!

    Preparations for moving to North Hollywood with kids

    Every parent always wants only the best for their children. That is the reason why so many parents consider moving to a neighborhood that will offer more for the entire family. North Hollywood is the ideal place where your family will be close to many amenities important for perfect family life. Although moving home is a stressful event for your kids, it can be worth it in the long run. Before you contact one of the top-rated movers North Hollywood, you should prepare your kids for an upcoming move. You need to be ready to change your current lifestyle and help your kids adjust to the new routine and new home.

    Mom and daughter
    Make your kids be excited about the move.

    We all know the kids are more attached to things than adults. Children are attached to the home where you live, other kids they are playing in the park with, a way to school, etc. It is very hard for them to be separate from all these things that present a safe zone for them. If you are moving for several weeks, you will have enough time to explain to your kids what is going to happen. If they are too young to understand it, all you can do is to give them more love and more attention than you used to. However, if your move comes suddenly, your children will be forced to adjust to all changes.

    Don’t neglect the stress your kids are going trough

    Every parent needs to put an effort and prepare their kids for the difficult period of adjusting to the new home, a new playground in the park and finding new friends. Before you schedule your moving date with one of the best moving companies San Fernando Valley, make sure your kids are ready for the move. The last thing you want is that your kids feel scared and sad about leaving their current home. Turn their fears and sadness into excitement for their new room and a lot of new friends they will have an opportunity to meet.

    Assure them that moving is not a bad thing. Explain to your kids your new home will be even more beautiful than the current one is. Also, talk to them about all those amazing places in North Hollywood you will visit together. Describe the moving day as an incredible adventure they will like. Enlist them in moving preparations and let them look forward to the moving day.

    Plan out the moving day

    It is important for you to organize your moving day in advance. If you don’t want to be nervous and anxious about the moving process, get help from professionals. Our hourly movers Los Angeles County will take the hardest part of your move instead of you. Your job is to let us know how we can help you and we will be glad to be a part of your moving process. With the help of our moving experts, you will have enough time to take care of your kids during the move.

    Woman reading a book a to toddler
    Make sure to have enough time for your kids during the move.

    Benefits of moving to North Hollywood with kids

    The eclectic and vibrant streets of North Hollywood are just a few miles away from major Burbank studio lots. This diverse neighborhood combining history, community, arts, and entertainment. North Hollywood or NoHo is a family-friendly thriving suburb of Los Angeles. NoHo is located in the San Fernando Valley that is improving daily with new and better opportunities to work, play and live. In case you are a young professional and want a better future for you and your kids, moving to NoHo may be one of your best choices.

    When it comes to education, here you will find plenty of top-rated schools for your children. For instance, Colfax Charter Elementary School is ranked one of the best schools in the region. Older kids can attend North Hollywood High School or highly ranked Walter Reed Middle School. Quality education is one one the main benefits of moving to North Hollywood with kids.

    Places in North Hollywood you should visit with kids

    There is plenty to see and do after moving to North Hollywood with kids. Here is the list of the places you should visit with your children:

    • North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Library. This is the place where you can attend children’s storytimes, family storytime and crafts, yoga classes, a holiday cookie decorating activity, a comic book craft for teens, and more.
    • North Hollywood Recreation Center. This park offers a wide range of sports programs including karate, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball. Besides, here you will find an after-school club, dance classes, tennis courts, a seasonal swimming pool, and more.
    • Tiara Street Park. In this place, you will find a walking path, a children’s playground, outdoor fitness equipment, and more.
    • North Weddington Park and Recreation Center. This is an amazing place for families and it includes picnic tables, basketball courts, a children’s play area, and more.
    Visit library after moving to North Hollywood with kids.
    Have an amazing time after moving to North Hollywood with kids.


    There is no doubt, moving to North Hollywood with kids can be one of the best decisions in your lifetime. So, don’t let anything ruin your plans and take the help of our Sky Moving experts. Give your kids as much attention and love as possible and help them get through the move without negative emotions. Hope your find this simple guide useful and have and smooth and simple relocation!




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