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    Organizing a move is difficult enough without having to worry about the pets. If you own a pet like a dog or a cat, moving with them will require careful planning. Besides packing your home for the move, you will also have to pay close attention to your little friend. Pets can easily feel your stress during moving preparations, which is why it’s important to keep their daily schedule. For some larger breeds, you might need to hire professional North Hills movers and ask about pet relocation services. Before you start planning your move, take a look at how you can make moving to North Hills with a pet easy and simple.

    Contact your local vet

    In order to move your pet to another state, the first thing you’ll need to do is visit a local vet. If it turns out your pet is missing some vaccinations or other paperwork, you might have a problem during the moving day. A trustworthy veterinarian will schedule a checkup for your pet and see if they’re ready for the move. In case your little friend has any chronic health issues, make sure to get medications before the move.

    dog smiling
    Make sure to keep your dog’s daily routine steady before the moving day.

    Besides checking out the health status of your pet, there is another thing a vet can help you with. Some of them have experience with people moving to North Hills with a pet so they can offer advice. Also, a veterinarian will know which paperwork you’ll need to get for a long-distance move.

    Prepare your pet for the move

    Besides preparing paperwork and packing your pet’s belongings, you will need to mentally prepare your pet for the move. This may sound more complicated than it is, but it’s actually simple. Pets should be able to maintain their daily routine while their owners are packing and getting ready for relocation. In order to avoid your little friend being stressed out on a moving day, you should appear as nothing special is happening. Keep your daily walks regular and make sure to avoid stressful situations at home.

    Before moving to North Hills with a pet, you might need to book a pet relocation service. Since not all companies offer this service, make sure to look for it ahead of time. Some of the most experienced Los Angeles County movers will let you know all the logistics behind this process. However, keep in mind that this service might cost you extra.

    Pack your pet’s belongings

    Unlike packing other household items, packing your dog’s or cat’s belongings will have its own timeline. This means that your pet will use most of their toys, bowls, and blankets right before the move. Packing these items ahead of time might cause them to react.

    golden retriever puppy
    Pets, especially dogs, can feel the stress of the move.

    Dogs, specifically, have the ability to react when their items are misplaced or moved. For this reason, you should leave most of your pet’s belongings to pack at the last minute. If you decided to hire the best local moving companies Los Angeles County has to offer, your movers could pack bigger items for you. In case you have a dog house in the yard, movers can disassemble and transport it with ease.

    Will you need pet moving services?

    Since moving to North Hills with a pet is not an easy process, you might decide to look for pet relocation services. Moving companies usually offer a variety of services you can choose from, so make sure to ask them about moving your pet. If you hire some of the most efficient hourly movers Los Angeles County has to offer, they will help you calculate your moving costs. If you pay for a full-moving service, pet relocation might even be cheaper.

    Prepare necessary documents

    Preparing paperwork for moving with a pet is crucial. Missing one important document on your moving day can cause many problems. Since animals can’t understand the stress of the moving day, you will need to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Here is the paperwork you’ll need to get:

    • Health certificate. Once you visit a local vet, they will give you this certificate if your pet is healthy and ready for the move.
    • Rabies vaccination proof. For most pets, this vaccination is required annually, depending on the state.
    • Import certificates (if necessary)
    • USDA certificates and documentation (optional). Make sure to check their website for more details about the pet relocation paperwork.
    • Transportation services paperwork. If you are hiring pet relocation services, your movers will provide the necessary documents for the moving day.
    • Airplane ticket – for larger breeds. When moving with a large dog, you might need to buy an airplane ticket for your pet. Pets are usually transporter either in a small transporter with other passengers or as cargo.

    Moving to North Hills with a pet – relocation day

    Once you pack and plan everything regarding your home relocation, it will be time to focus on your little friend. There are a few ways to travel with animals, especially when it’s a local move. However, a long-distance move could make your pet feel stressed out. While your movers are handling all the furniture and moving boxes, you will need to pay attention to your little friend. If you are moving with your family, one of you should be with the pet while the other supervises the moving process.

    Ask your movers about the best way to relocate your pet to North Hills.

    When moving to North Hills by car, it’s possible to keep your pet calm during the trip. However, you will have to make stops for a short walk and bring water bottles for the road. The overall advice is to make sure your pet feels safe during this time. If possible, bring their favorite toy or a blanket to keep them happy throughout the moving day.




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