Moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets – simple guide

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    At Sky Moving we’re more than aware of the fact that moving with pets can be extremely pretty stressful. And thus we understand why many clients start panicking when having to organize a move with pets. No matter the distance, there’s a lot of planning, organizing, and doing involved in redying both yourself and your pets for a move. Of course, moving a shorter distance is obviously easier than moving cross-country, for example, especially when moving with pets. That said, if you’re moving from Burbank to Calabasas, you’re in luck, since these two cities are quite close to each other. That means that when moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets, you likely won’t have to stop for your pets’ potty breaks. And that’s pretty great. However, even though moving short-distance is easier than moving long-distance, there’s still a lot you’ll have to do in order to prepare for relocation with pets. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to make your upcoming move with your fur babies a lot easier than it sounds.

    Proper prep can make moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets relatively easy

    Saying a move with a pet will be easy is definitely reaching. Moving is hard enough on its own. Add a pet into the mix, and oh boy, you’re in for a ride. However, with one of the amazing moving companies Burbank residents absolutely love, some planning, and a bit of luck, your move won’t be nearly as stressful as you imagine it will be. But what exactly can you do to ensure your move to Calabasas is smooth?

    A planner and markers on a desk.
    Planning can make moving with pets much easier!

    Make sure your neighborhood and home are pet-friendly

    When choosing your Calabasas home you’ll have to take your pets into consideration. For example, an apartment on the 5th floor, in a building without an elevator, might be an acceptable option for you. However, it likely won’t be the best option for your senior dog. Plus, if you’re renting, you have to make sure that you’re moving into a building that allows pets. But it doesn’t stop there. You should also ensure that your neighborhood of choice is well suited to your pets.

    Before moving to Calabasas from Burbank with your pet, find a great vet near your new home

    Having a vet close by is very important. You never know what might happen. Luckily, California is very urban and full of professionals. Just like there are heaps of expert moving companies San Fernando Valley residents recommend for their extraordinary moving skills, so are there expert vets that get praises from pet owners. That means that finding a vet in Calabasas won’t be a problem. So before you move with your pet, make sure you have a tried and tested Calabasas vet on speed dial.

    Experience Calabasas together with your pet before moving

    Getting your pet used to Calabasas before moving can be very helpful. Your pet will likely feel a lot more comfortable after experiencing the road from Burban to Calabasas a couple of times. And on top of that, your pet will also feel a lot more comfortable in Calabasas after the move if you two spend some time there before the move. Of course, this mostly applies to dogs and outside cats who like to be walked. You can’t really go sightseeing with a hamster, can you? But all in all, all this will certainly make a moving day so much easier for your pet.

    A man walking his dog.
    Before moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets it would be a great idea to visit Calabasas together!

    Stay on track with tasks so you can dedicate more time to your pet if needed

    Moving is pretty much comprised of endless moving tasks. That alone is enough to completely overwhelm you. Unfortunately, when you’re overworked and stressed, your pets can suffer. And since moving is also very stressful for pets, it’s your responsibility to manage moving well enough so you can be there for your pets. Procrastination is not an option. You have to do whatever you can to ensure you’ll be there for your pets whenever they need you during your move from Burbank to Calabasas.

    Find pet-friendly movers to help you move

    Unfortunately, not all movers are pet-friendly. Some don’t want to deal with pets while some simply don’t have the necessary skills. Of course, you can always move your pet yourself and let your movers deal with the rest. Fortunately, though, there are many movers Calabasas has to offer that are completely per-friendly. Some will also assist you in moving your pets and some will even move your pets for you. So it’s advisable that you do some research and find suitable movers who will be helpful to both you and your pets during your move.

    Ensure moving day is not stressful for your pet

    It’s very important to keep pets safe on a moving day. Your pets are not you, they don’t understand what’s going on. Yes, moving day will be easier if you implement all the above-mentioned tips, however, your pet will still likely be scared and confused. It’s your job to help your pets through this “tough” time. Ensure everything is running smoothly, ensure you have your pets’ favorite toys and treats on hand, be very loving towards your pets, and of course, be responsive to the signs and signals they’re sending you. Remember, they don’t view things the same way you do.

    A dog looking out a car window.
    Moving day will likely be pretty stressful for your pets!

    Moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets doesn’t have to be a nightmare you imagine it would be

    Sure, moving from Burbank to Calabasas with pets could potentially end up being a disaster. However, if you invest time and effort into a proper organization, moving won’t be nearly as hard. Of course, this whole endeavor will be pretty hard and exhausting for you. But that’s just something you’ll have to deal with for the sake of your fur friends. Luckily, with expert moving assistance and some effort on your part, moving to Calabasas won’t be that much of an issue if you do it correctly.




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