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    Are you licensed and insured?

    Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured moving company operating in California since 2015. If you need specific policy numbers and limits, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with certificates of insurance. We carry:

    • General Liability Insurance
    • Automotive Liability Insurance
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    • Cargo Insurance
    • Public Utilities Commission license
    • US Department of Transportation license
    • Motor Carrier License

    If you need specific policy numbers and limits, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with certificates of insurance.
    *Please note, your furniture is covered for free in case of any damages during your move at a $.60/pound rate. This is not a full-value or premium coverage. For higher coverage, please consider external insurance such as with or with your homeowners’ insurance.

    What is a “Double Driving” fee?

    A double driving cost is the standard way of charging for all moving services according to CPUC policy. It means that we charge for the time we take to return from your point of destination. If the unloading of your move is nearby within 15 minutes, then we waive this fee. But if it takes longer we have to implement this fee to cover our costs like paying our workers and gas on the return trip. An example would be if we did a move from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the client would also have to pay for the return trip to LA because we can’t just leave our truck and workers in SF. For local moves, it’s not a big cost, if it takes 30 minutes to drive from pickup to drop-off, we would charge 1 hour total for driving time.

    When can I reach you?

    Our expert moving specialists are available to answer your questions and address your concerns from 9 am to 10 pm year-round. You can reach us at (818) 925-4759 or by emailing us at

    How can I pay at the end of the move?

    We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx) and cash. We, unfortunately, cannot accept any forms of the check as payment including money orders or certified checks.

    Do you move pianos, pool tables or gun safes?

    Yes, we move upright and baby grand pianos, pool tables and gun safes subject to a minimum of 3 movers and a small fee that depends on the size/type of item. The fee is charged to cover the added expense of handling such items, including using a lift-gate equipped truck if necessary, and the additional liability of moving them.
    To move a piano, we use special piano boards which help us make sure that your piano is stabilized and transported without any issues. We unfortunately do not disassemble or reassemble pool tables. We can move them whole if location/weight permits or if it is already disassembled. Prior to moving a gun safe, we will cover it with moving blankets (provided for free for the time of the moving job) and shrink wrap it to minimize the possibility of damage both to the gun safe itself or to the property. Gun safes must be free of ammunition or firearms before being moved.
    Our service rates for moving these specialty items are:

    • Upright piano fee: $150
    • Baby grand/grand piano fee: $200
    • Pool table fee: $150
    • Gun safe fee: $100 (if weighing more than 250 lbs)

    Do I need to rent any special equipment or buy supplies for my move?

    No, since all our trucks are fully equipped, professionally packed, and organized to accommodate moving jobs of any size. Our trucks carry 2-wheel dollies, 4-wheel dollies, blankets, tools, ropes, wardrobe boxes, metal bars, and more. In addition, our experienced relocation specialist may provide you with our pricing options for disposable packing supplies and materials, if needed.

    What can I do for my move to be completed faster?

    As a full-service moving company, our movers are trained and more than willing to handle every aspect of your move from packing the items in your bathroom cabinets, placing all furniture in their exact ending location, and unpacking all your clothing onto your closets.
    There are several things you can do though to speed up your move and ensure a lower total on your bill. Some recommendations are:

    • You can properly label some/all of your boxes specifying which box goes where (e.g. bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.). This would help your movers load and unload the truck in a more organized way and place the boxes in respective rooms throughout your residence.
    • You can label the boxes with delicate items as “Fragile” and put them in a separate area at your pick-up location. This way the movers will know what boxes have to be moved using special techniques, methods and equipment.
    • You can disassemble (or reassemble at the drop-off location) any furniture. Otherwise our workers are happy to help you with it at no extra cost.
    • Reserve a parking spot for our moving trucks (please take the size of the truck for your move into account) at the pick-up and drop-off location. This will assure that the best possible parking location is reserved to then avoid a long haul from your doorway to our truck.
    • Reserve elevators if possible. In some instances long walks from your doorway to our trucks are unavoidable such as in apartment buildings where our workers have to hop onto an elevator and navigate a terrace to then arrive to our truck. This often makes a 1 bedroom apartment with a long walk a more costly move than a 3 bedroom home move. Preparing for this aspect of your move will make a large difference in your move’s length and cost.
    • If possible, separate items that are not being moved away from those that are and place items that are being moved in the room closest to your door. This will allow our workers to move around most efficiently while loading your items.
    • Place any loose and light items into large trash bags so they can easily be loaded onto our wardrobe boxes or used as “stuffing” in between the crevices of our truck while loading.
    • If you happen to make trips to your new home before your move date, be sure to load light/non-essential items onto your car to drop off on your way. Each trip can go a long way in minimizing the length of your move.

    For more tips on how you can speed up your move, please feel free to call our professional relocation specialists at 818-925-4759, who will be happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide you with useful and detailed information on what you can do to ensure that your moving job is completed within the shortest time-frame possible.

    How much should I tip my movers?

    We provide our movers with some of the highest compensations in the industry. Although tips are not mandatory, your movers would highly appreciate if you tip them according to a standard practice used in every service-based industry, i.e. 15%-20% of your total moving costs.

    What happens if something gets damaged during my move?

    We hire only professional and experienced movers, who undergo constant training under the supervision of the business owners and head foremen, which helps them improve their skills and ensure professional growth. Our movers are dedicated to their job, which means they will treat your belongings as if it was their own. With that in mind, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to avoid any kind of damage during your move.

    However, damage does occasionally happen in this industry. If this is the case, our basic moving insurance of $0.60 per pound per article is provided to every customer free of charge. Our claims resolution team will do their best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

    What is a moving broker?

    A moving broker is a company that arranges for the transportation of household goods by contracting another moving company to do a move they were hired for. Moving brokers are typically big-name companies that broker their moves to local moving companies to do a moving job they were hired to do. This process is complicated and leaves clients paying much higher fees and in a loop of paperwork and call-backs when it comes to settling claims or complaints once the move is over.

    We never broker any of our moves and therefore are able to provide competitive rates while still providing excellent service.

    Do you charge for flights or long carry?

    We do NOT charge extra for carrying items up or down flights of stairs or for the long carrying of furniture items during local moves. We do implement this fee for long distance moves (beyond 100 miles) since the charges are based on the circumstances of each move and not the time it takes to move the furniture.

    What are High-Value Articles?

    These are items valued at more than $100 per pound. Please notify our moving specialists if we will be moving any such items so we make sure to take the steps necessary to assure their safe arrival. If items are of not significantly heavy (jewelry, figurines, etc.) we recommend you transport them separately in your personal vehicle

    Should my drawers and file cabinets be empty before my move?

    Most dresser drawers and file cabinets do not have to be emptied before being moved. Our movers will wrap the furniture item with heavy-duty blankets and tape to assure the cabinets/drawers do not open throughout the bumpy ride. The only instance where drawers must be emptied is when the file cabinet or dressers are extremely heavy but our expert movers will look out for this when necessary and will pack your items if needed

    What happens if my move is cancelled?

    We are one of few moving companies that do not double book moving jobs per day. The crew and truck that shows up to your doorstep arrive refreshed and energized to get your move done and not right after another move. Because of this, there are no unexpected cancellations on our end.

    Can I change my move date last minute?

    We understand moving is complicated. Escrow closing can be delayed or you might just need that extra day for packing or just to relax. We are very flexible with altering moving dates and do not charge fees for last-minute changes. We will do everything we can to accommodate your date changes including offering other clients a discount if they are able to alter their moving date to then accommodate your move.

    How many movers should I choose for my move?

    Rule of thumb is to choose 1 mover per bedroom for a minimum of 2 movers and maximum 4 movers per truck for all moves. There are other variables to consider when choosing the size of your moving crew. We ultimately leave this decision to our clients but offer the following advice:

    • If any or both of your locations are 2 stories, add one worker to your total.
    • If your moving locations require elevator use, add one worker to your total.
    • If your moving location requires we park our truck further than 500 feet from your doorstep, add one worker to your total.

    * The only instance when a crew of at least 3 workers is required is when a grand piano or baby grand piano is being moved to safely disassemble/reassemble legs. If you are still unsure on the size of crew you’d like to choose, please give us a call and one of our friendly office staff will help you decide.

    Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

    Yes! We disassemble and reassemble all household furniture. We carry all the necessary tools for all tasks. Often times furniture and or appliances need to be assembled and disassembled in order for them to fit through tight spaces. Our crew knows just how to get the job done.

    * Note: Our workers are not able to drill holes into walls or disassemble Murphy beds or pool tables because of liability purposes.

    Why aren’t you as cheap as the guys I saw on Craigslist?

    There are a few reasons. There is truth to the old sayings “You get what you pay for” and “Too good to be true”.

    If you research many of those movers that offer super low rates you will often find that when you check out these movers on review sites like Yelp and Thumbtack, they don’t have great reputations. They are also likely not insured or licensed.

    Though working with unlicensed or uninsured movers saves you a bit of money short term, in the unfortunate circumstance where something unforeseen happens, you’ll have no way to protect yourself.

    Another thing to note is that some of the companies that offer really low rates hire cheap day labor to perform the move that aren’t always capable or trained to provide furniture moving services.

    Do you deliver moving materials or boxes before my move?

    We unfortunately don’t deliver boxes or wrapping supplies before moves since we don’t have a dedicated staff to do so. Adding that service would increase expenses on our end which would force us to increase our hourly rates and we try very hard to keep them as competitive as possible. Prior to your move you can give us an approximation of how many boxes you might need to borrow, we’ll take more than enough. They are free to use as long as we receive them back the same day once our movers unpack your belongings.

    What are your current promotions?

    Please give us a call at 818-925-4759 or email us at to hear about our latest promotions.

    Do you provide junk/donations removal services after my move?

    Yes! We can dispose of your unwanted furniture (or deliver to a local donation center if in good conditions) for a small fee.

    Our fees are:

    • $100 as a removal service fee including the first furniture item.
      • $25 extra for any additional furniture items.
      • $39 for a combination of items that can fit into one of our wardrobe boxes

    Do you provide packing services? Any extra fees?

    There is no extra cost for our men to pack and the hourly rate stays the same. Packing paper and tape are provided for free. We lend out all moving boxes if returned same day after unpacking, otherwise we charge a small retail fee for them.

    * There is a minimal charge for the wrapping of delicate items with bubble/plastic wrap and cardboard (Flat screen TV’s, Fine China,etc.)

    What if I am not happy with the pace or work-ethic of your movers during the move?

    Our workers are extensively trained in all aspects of a move. They know how to perfectly care for all items so they arrive damage-free to their destination. Your furniture being well protected, arriving damage free and the crew’s own safety are some of our top priorities. Our workers would never rush a job to compromise that but still work at a speedy pace during all moves. In case you are disappointed in the pace or quality of your move, you can always reach out to us at the office so we can speak with our workers and address any concerns.

    Do I need to prepare my appliances before the move?

    Our movers can take care of most appliance handling, but to influence a speedier move, please consider:

    • Emptying the food in refrigerator into iced-coolers the day before your move
    • Disconnect you washer, dryer, and stove
    • Dismount air conditioner

    Our movers are not certified or allowed to disconnect gas dryers or stoves. Please have this coordinated before our movers arrive the day of your move.

    Do you move plants?

    Yes! We can move your plants in our truck within the state of CA. We unfortunately cannot move plants out of state in consideration of state laws. Please know though that potted plants take up a lot of space in our truck since they must be loaded on our truck floor. This may be a concern for large moves where we are expected to have a tight fit in the truck.

    We unfortunately cannot be liable for degradation of any kind to plants during a move given the circumstances of possible extreme heat inside the moving truck.

    Are there any items you will absolutely not move?

    We cannot move the following items under any circumstances:

    • Ammunition/firearms of any kind (even if inside a gun safe)
    • Explosives (including gasoline or diesel)
    • Automobile parts
    • Gas tanks or canisters
    • Animals
    • Illegal substances

    For any other questionable items, please inquire by calling 818-925-4759 or emailing

    What is Sky Moving’s corporate social responsibility commitment?

    We strive to be the best moving company in Southern California by providing quality service to all our clients and paying our workers competitive industry rates, all the while giving back to our communities through our sister organization the Adelante – Youth Empowerment Program.

    Please visit our Giving Back section on our site for more information on our social responsibility initiatives.



    Brian M.


    April 21. 2021


    ''These guys did a great job with my heavy stuff! I only needed a few heavy things moved (like a refrigerator, sofa, big display case, etc). They showed up on time, were helpful and friendly, and were done on-time. And they moved all my heavy stuff down a flight of stairs in the LA heat! Definitely recommend them, and will use them again in the future!''

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