How to Handle Living on Your Own for the Very First Time

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    Getting your own place is exciting, and it might feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to do and know. At the end of the day, you’ll be in a new place on your own. To help you prepare, check out these best practices for independent living from Sky Moving

    Prep for the Move

    Moving takes effort and preparation, whether you start over in a new city or relocate somewhere near home. Give yourself time to pack up and decide what to bring, discard, and donate.


    Remember that you’ll need new home essentials ranging from furniture to linens to silverware in your new place. Inventory your existing belongings (or ask your parents for their extras) to determine what you can bring versus what you need to buy.


    Consider waiting until you move in to pick up big-ticket items, so you can see how they’ll fit your space. Thrifting is an affordable solution for basics like dressers, nightstands, and even small appliances. 

    Find a Roommate or Two

    Living alone is one way to go, but having roommates means built-in socialization and help with the bills. Before signing your lease, confirm that your new home or apartment allows roommate situations, AKA subletting, so you don’t break any rules. 


    There are different ways to find a roommate, including online platforms, social media, and networking at your college or workplace. It’s ideal to find a roommate before you relocate so you can get to know each other. Not every roommate pair meshes comfortably, so a personality check ensures you’re a good fit before move-in day.

    Invest in Healthy Products

    Living on your own is an opportunity for growth, but it can also lead to poor habits. To live healthier with your newfound freedom, equip your home with healthy tools and gadgets. From workout equipment to appliances that make healthy eating easier, gift yourself the means to start good habits.


    Before making any big purchases, take time to read product reviews from unbiased sources. Sites like Safe Smart Family offer honest perspectives on household items and more.

    Increase Your Job Prospects

    As a young worker with little experience, finding a job can be challenging. But to manage rent and other expenses, you’ll want to avoid gaps in employment. Fortunately, some strategies can help you find work, says Mint, even with little experience.


    For example, doing your research about a company and using that knowledge in your application could help you stand out. Networking can also help you uncover opportunities, though it helps to have a polished-up resume ready at all times.


    Make your curriculum vitae professional-looking, clear, and descriptive. Consider building your own template for a cv from a template library; customize the images, colors, and copy for a stand-out resume.

    Explore Insurance Options

    Living on your own for the first time can be expensive and unpredictable. Setting aside funds for insurance can offer peace of mind and help you avoid financial struggles in many different areas.


    For example, finding California pet insurance helps save money on your pet’s veterinary care. Pet policies typically include emergency coverage, too, making crucial care accessible. Check coverage levels, deductibles, premiums, and requirements before choosing pet insurance, and read reviews where possible.


    Renters insurance is another option to consider when moving out on your own. Like other insurance coverage, renters insurance involves premiums, deductibles, and coverage options. A renters insurance policy could replace stolen belongings, pay medical bills for someone injured at your home, and more, explains the Insurance Information Institute.

    Be a Proactive Renter

    Though most rentals have a landlord or property manager on call, it helps to know how to fix some things around the house. Being able to perform simple household repairs is empowering and also saves time and money.


    Tasks like unclogging a toilet, restarting a water heater, or changing an HVAC filter are simple DIYs that don’t require a call to the landlord. 


    Moving into your first place should feel empowering, but with so much going on, it helps to have a roadmap. From finding a job to purchasing insurance, this guide offers tips on settling in and setting yourself up for success in your new home.



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