How to declutter before moving to North Hollywood?

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    Every relocation comes with its own problems and difficulties. That’s why even before you set foot in your new home you need to think about the old one. That’s where the key to your solutions truly lies. Thankfully, there are many Los Angeles County movers that can help with your move to North Hollywood. And they will usually tell you one but a very important thing. That is that you should declutter before moving to North Hollywood. It will make moving so much easier for everyone involved with the move.

    Set a deadline and make a plan

    Everything gets easier when you have a plan. For that reason, even for decluttering you need to have some type of organization. To be able to do anything in life you need to set goals that are measurable, so why not do the same with your moving and decluttering goals? If you’re not sure, ask our movers North Hollywood to tell you how much time you will need for the process of decluttering. After getting the information you can set a deadline for your moving plan and get everything that you need.

    A clock
    Make sure to set a deadline when you declutter before moving to North Hollywood

    Get the right supplies in order to declutter before moving to North Hollywood

    Before you can actually start your move you need all the materials and supplies. However, for decluttering you need to think outside of the box. And in order to do so, you need to start with the moving boxes. Besides buying them you can get them for free at your local store, or search them up online. However, with professional moving companies San Fernando Valley you can be sure that you will receive everything from moving boxes to packing paper and tape. Your move to North Hollywood will be over quickly if you have efficient and quality movers by your side.

    Start off with your essential belongings

    When deciding on what to take with you and what to get rid of, you need to start by thinking about the things that you need the most. What are the items around your house that you absolutely can’t go without? Whatever type of item it might be, you need to take care of it first. You don’t want our hourly movers Los Angeles County to stay for too long at your place. For that reason, make sure that you pack only what you really need and not things that will only cause your move to be more difficult.

    A man packing a box
    Pack your essentials first before anything else

    Take care of your consumables first to best declutter before moving to North Hollywood

    Consumable items might be a problem to move to North Hollywood depending on what moving company you choose. In general, movers don’t take care of your pantry and consumables as they don’t have the proper equipment and ways to do it. For that reason, look at the exploration date of them and if you can donate them to an organization. If the consumables have already expired make sure to find the best way to get rid of them be it recycling or throwing them away.

    Check how practical the items around your home really are

    Checking the practicality of your belongings might be a great idea in such a time where you move to a new place. You can do that by putting your appliances and furniture to a couple of tests. Answer yourself a couple of questions. What purpose does the item serve? Did you use it in the last couple of months? would your life quality be better or worse without it? If you see too many negative sides of the items it means you can easily get rid of them. On top of that if it has a monetary value you can use online platforms to sell it for some cash. Why not earn some money in the process of moving that will cost you anyways?

    Sell, Donate or Throw away items in order to declutter before moving to North Hollywood

    After you’ve done the test of practicality for all your items it’s time to make a list. Or even better a list with three options for your belongings. One of them can be to sell your items, the other to donate, and the last is to throw away stuff. For example, old furniture can be donated, but if it’s too deteriorated then it’s better to recycle it or throw it into the trash. The same story goes for home appliances, clothes, and other miscellaneous items. Being careful with what you pick to move with yourself will greatly affect your life quality in North Hollywood.   

    A bunch of money
    Sell your items to make some profit from your move

    Use storage services for items that you’re not sure about

    Sometimes you can’t get rid of many of your items. Thankfully, that’s why storage units exist. There are different types of storage units that can help you with your move to North Hollywood. Depending on how long you want to part ways with the items you can choose between short and long-term storage. On the other hand, if you’re storing items like leather furniture or others that depend a lot on the climate, you might want to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. Whatever you choose you to need to pick a storage facility that is close to you and is safe at all times.

    Decluttering and downsizing are great things to do when moving. They can really change the way you live in the future. Especially if you move to such a nice neighborhood like North Hollywood. For that reason, we hope that our tips and tricks on how to declutter before moving to North Hollywood won’t fall on deaf ears. Above all, make sure that every sacrifice that you make in your old home counts when you relocate to your new home. Enjoy North Hollywood to the fullest as it has a lot to offer.





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