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    Before you reach out to experienced movers, you need to choose the best date for your move. Even though it’s not as obvious, the date you choose for your move has a significant impact on the overall outcome of your relocation. Sometimes you don’t have much say in the matter, and the move-out date is set for you. 

    Other times, though, you are granted the unusual option to choose the moving date that is the most suitable for you. In such instances, you should make the most of your flexibility and select a date that will provide you with various benefits, including a possible reduction in moving costs. In this article, that’s what we’re going to help you with. Here’s how to pick the best date for your move after contacting reliable local movers

    Is your moving date already fixed?

    In some cases, we don’t get to choose the moving date. Circumstances that are usually beyond your direct control force you to select a moving date and organize your entire relocation around it. And sometimes, these circumstances could have you moving on short notice, making it impossible to once again meet up with the ones you love. You might be left without time to host a moving away party and say goodbye to everyone. That’s a shame, but it’s life – it happens.

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    If you don’t want to extend your stay in your current rental and you already know your moving date, make sure to organize it on time.

    Fixed moving date: common scenarios

    Even if you don’t have a say in deciding when to move house, you can still make it work. Having a concrete deadline may help you stay more organized and structured during your pre-move preparations. You might even get to have a less stressful residential move.

    Here are the main scenarios when the moving date is known in advance:

    • If you’re renting a place, your lease agreement is ending, and you have no intention to extend it, then you already have your move-out date, right? You should be expected to vacate the property at the end of the month in which the lease expires.  
    • new job is one of the most prevalent reasons people relocate. Job-related relocations have been steadily on the rise, so if you’re preparing to relocate because a new job awaits you in another city, you’ll have little or no control over your moving date. On the other hand, if you are planning to move your business elsewhere, it’s crucial to find a way to stay efficient until but also after the moving date.
    • You won’t have much choice in choosing your moving day if you’re moving out to continue your education at a college or university. You’ll be required to arrive within a specific time frame. Thus the timing of your move will once again be determined by external factors.
    • When moving with school-aged children, the start of the new school year will most likely determine your moving date. As a general rule, your children should relocate during the summer vacation so that they have time to adjust to their new surroundings before the new school year begins. 

    Choose the best date for your move – what to consider?

    In some cases, you’ll have complete flexibility to organize your move when and how you want to. Not only will you be able to decide when you want to move, but you’ll also have a say when it comes to where. For example, let’s say you want to start fresh and begin a new chapter. In that situation, you should consider yourself fortunate as you don’t have to move on a specific date or within a particular time frame. You’ll be able to choose the best date for your impending move. Here’s what to consider when setting your moving date.

    Being flexible goes a long way

    Flexibility is frequently the key to saving money and staying within your budget when it comes to moving. For instance, you’ll save money if you’re delivering things and can tolerate a delivery window rather than a definite delivery date.

    A mover standing next to a moving van will help you choose the best date for your move
    Choose experienced movers that are as flexible as you.

    While it is probably more suitable to move on the weekend, being flexible and moving outside of your moving company’s busy hours may save you money and provide you with more options. Therefore, before you choose movers, make sure to do your research and ask about their flexibility. Don’t forget to check customer testimonials as well as to take a peek at their social media accounts. 

    Your kids’ school schedule

    Your move will not only disrupt your schedule, but it will affect your children, too. Due to this, summer is one of the most popular times for families to relocate. Although this is true, there is a disadvantage to moving during the summer. The main one is that most moving firms are booked or have limited availability. 

    The same opportunity and conundrum exist over the holidays: the kids are out of school, but movers have limited availability. Also, your friends and family volunteers are more likely to be busy. Plus, there are even things to consider, like local road closings for events and parades. All of that can make moving during a holiday weekend difficult.

    One of the best moving ideas to consider is accepting that there is no such thing as an “ideal” time to move with children. This frees you to choose dates based on other criteria, such as cost and overall convenience. So focus on finding ideal movers rather than a perfect date. 

    Your work schedule

    Your work schedule is another thing to consider when choosing the best date for your move. If your job has busy or slow periods, you might be able to plan your move around them. It gets trickier for businesses that are moving, even if the move is across the street. Keep in mind that your clients should be a priority and invest your time into thinking about how changing your address is affecting them. Inform them properly and on time about your new location and ask for understanding if some of the deadline dates need modification due to your business relocation. 

    Your help’s availability

    Lastly, when deciding on your moving date, you’ll need to consider the availability of the movers you choose. Given that you can pick your moving date, ask them about the days that have the most availability and if there are any cost differences. Start by getting in touch with reliable movers, ask for your free quote and take it from there! 

    A man helping a woman pack moving boxes
    Your friends and family members can help you with many moving-related tasks. Plus, they’ll make everything more fun, so choose the best date for your move that can include them!

    Also, don’t forget to inquire whether your friends and relatives can assist you with the move. Having volunteers helping with your relocation can be a true life-saver, especially if you’re moving with kids. You can schedule your move when friends or family are available to babysit or even host your children overnight.

    Final thoughts

    We hope our article helps you choose the best date for your move. Remember, you can consider yourself lucky if you can choose your own moving date. So make sure not to waste this opportunity and organize everything in detail.



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