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    Radical changes in an industry are never easy. However, if it’s for the better they are more than necessary. Of course, with climate change and care for the environment, it’s more and more of a necessity to make changes. As part of the moving industry, we at Sky Moving, try to make as many changes as possible. That’s why the number of moving companies that use eco-friendly packing is on the rise. Here are just some of the reasons why that’s a good idea to do.

    The benefits of eco-friendly packing

    When you want to improve your packing and the footprint you have on the environment it’s time to think about eco-friendly packing. There are many other reasons, besides the environment, why it’s a good choice to pick this type of packing. However, probably the best reason is still that it saves our planet and helps it heal. Even our movers Encino have adapted and offer several packing options. Above all, you will be surprised by all the benefits that come from using these types of materials. Here are just some things to look into that are in favor of using this type of packing material.

    A bunch of moving boxes
    Eco-friendly packing materials are a great alternative to your standard materials


    Of course, you don’t think too much about the moving boxes when the move is over. They don’t serve any purpose and it’s completely normal to neglect them completely. In the best possible scenario, you’ll give them to your friend or neighbor that’s moving. Or if you’re moving with our movers Northridge they will make sure that they get recycled. However, even with recycling them and reusing them, they will sooner or later find their way in any shape or form as waste. Unfortunately, there’s a whole sea of trash floating around the world, and one moving box won’t make a difference, but it’s time for a change. That’s why the moving industry is more and more oriented towards eco-friendly packing.

    Leaves an insignificant carbon footprint

    When you’re using traditional means for packaging you can be sure that you’ll leave a pretty high carbon footprint and create more greenhouse gases. Maybe this isn’t crucial for you as there are many other things that create far more problems than moving boxes, however, our packing services Los Angeles County know just how important it is to make those small steps in order to improve the environment and the overall industry. Only by making those small steps can we create big changes that need to arrive sooner or later. Especially with solutions that won’t harm the environment and nature.

    Better quality for a lower price

    In the end, every moving company is a business. When there’s no profit, or even worse, there are losses. You can’t expect the movers to follow that trend from start to finish. For that reason, many projects fail and it’s not a surprise those things happen. However, the good thing about eco-friendly packing is that it actually generates more profit over time than your cardboard moving boxes. Their reusability is what makes them stand out from your standard packing and moving equipment. Even if you can sometimes reuse cardboard boxes they are very limited. On the other hand, materials for environmentally friendly boxes are very durable and will make sure you can reuse them for years. This can only mean one thing, profit to the moving companies that use them.

    With Eco-friendly packing say goodby to toxic and dangerous materials

    Creating packing materials isn’t something that we should take for granted. However, in the process, it does create a lot of problems. Especially if you consider the factories that create them use a lot of dangerous materials that damage nature and the environment as a whole. That’s why eco-friendly packing solutions are great as they make sure everything goes smoothly and without any problems however big or small. On top of that even when it’s time to say goodbye to your boxes you can be sure that there won’t be any toxins ending up where they shouldn’t be. That’s why so many boxes and other packing materials are made to be biodegradable.

    A danger zone sign
    Great packing materials aren’t a danger for the environment

    Improve your business image

    Even though this is a very superficial reason, it’s still valid. In a world where people care more and more about the environment and climate change, you want your company to be up to high standards. If you really want your moving company to be on top of the list of the Better Business Bureau then you need to have a good image in the public eye. What better way to do so than to show you care about the environment? Above all, make sure to include eco-friendly packing in your repertoire. By doing so you will leave a great impression on your clients. And who knows maybe that will help them care about those issues more? Your company can be a great example of how to do it.

    What types of eco-friendly packing are there?

    You would be surprised to know just how many types of eco-friendly packing options there are available. Make sure to do your research as it will help you pick out the best option for you. However big or small your move is, there will always be options that can help you out. Of course, that will depend on what type of move you’re planning, as there are great options for even shipping. Here are just some of the options you’ll have available:

    • Biodegradable packing peanuts
    • Corrugated bubble wrap
    • Air pillow from recycled materials
    • Mushroom packaging
    • Seaweed packaging
    • Recycled paper and cardboard
    There are many alternatives to standard packing materials

    Making sure that you take into consideration the environment has become key reasoning when choosing movers. That’s not too big of a surprise as there are so many improvements as to how the moving industry operates. It was just a matter of time when eco-friendly packing materials will take over, and now is closer than ever to a time where people will prefer another environmentally friendly packing option to your everyday cardboard boxes.




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