Downsizing from a house to an apartment – tips and tricks

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    If you plan a move from a house to an apartment, you need to think about downsizing. Your new home will have less pace, so not everything you own will fit inside. Often people are not prepared for this, and they end up in cramped space. Therefore before you start packing, you should get rid of some of your stuff. If you lived long in your house, then you probably accumulated a lot of belongings. So this is a perfect opportunity to clean up and start afresh. However, it can be hard to organize everything just in time for the move. But with Sky Moving assistance, you will finish in no time. Here are their best tips for downsizing from a house to an apartment.

    Downsizing from a house to an apartment is impossible without a good plan

    Like any move, you need a good plan so that everything goes without a glitch. It is especially important when you are downsizing from a house to an apartment. It is why residential movers always advise their customers to take enough time so they can do everything properly. Otherwise, if you rush to do it last minute, you might end up making mistakes that can cost you money. Not to mention all the stress and exactions trying to do everything in just a few days. Instead, start making a plan at least a month in advance. Write down everything you need to do so you do not forget anything and follow all the steps to the letter. However, be ready and prepared to be flexible. It is always possible for something unforeseen to pop up, and you will need to adjust your plan.

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    Decluttering a house before moving to an apartment is easy with a plan and a bit of patience

    Declutter your house before you move to an apartment

    You might have a lot of things, and starting the process of decluttering might look daunting. However, with a little bit of time and patience, you will have everything done in no time. Also, with fewer items for furniture movers to carry, your relocation will end up costing you less. Therefore start by going from room to room and making a list of everything you do not need. Because you are moving into an apartment with less space, you should not hesitate to get rid of things. So even if you would love to keep your favorite chair, if it’s too old and shabby, maybe it is time to say goodbye to it. Likewise, everything broken, ripped, or literally falling apart in your hands, get rid of it.

    Donate or sell what you do not need

    Not everything that you do not need should go into the garbage. Some of the items could come in handy to somebody else, and they would not mind fixing it up. Therefore another option for all your unwanted stuff is to donate it. People in need will greatly benefit, and doing a good deed is always a plus. Besides, you do not have to professionally pack everything. Just put it all into boxes and drive it to a local charity. However, if you wish to earn some money, you can organize a yard sale. You can sell everything, and that way increase your moving budget. So start by doing a bit of marketing. A successful sale is the one where a lot of people come. Therefore a few weeks before advertising the date, and invite your family and friends. 

    Prior to downsizing a house measure your new apartment

    One thing you need to know before you start getting rid of some of your belongings is the measurements of your new apartment. With those in hand, it will be easier to decide what to keep and what to discard. Because if you forget this step, you might end up with furniture that is too big. Unfortunately, it happens often, and people end up in a home that does not have enough space. Also, do not forget to measure all the doors, corridors, and stairways. It would be unfortunate to transport all your stuff to your new home, just to realize that furniture can not fit through doors. However, if you do, measure everything, and it looks like they will not fit, you will have to buy new furniture. They will be smaller, but they will perfectly fit your new home.


    a measuring tape
    Downsizing from a house to an apartment is hard to do if you do not measure your new home first

    Make a note of how often you use an item

    If you are not sure what to throw away and what to keep because everything looks important do not worry, there is a simple solution. Start by keeping a track of how often you use items. For example, in the kitchen, people usually have a lot of pots and pans. So whenever you cook, make a note of which item you use often. After some time, you will notice that some stuff you hardly ever touch. Those you can put into a box immediately and mark them for donation or a sale. However, if you are not sure if you will need them again, simply put them away for a while. Put the box into your basement or an attic for a month and see if you will miss anything.


    a box
    Put away all the things you do not use often to see if you really need them

    Downsizing from a house to an apartment does not have to be stressful

    Moving to a new home is not easy, and usually, most of the time we spend worrying. However, downsizing from a house to an apartment can be stress-free and even fun. So firstly, make sure you have enough time, so you do not have to rush. Make a well-thought-out plan and follow it. Secondly, go through your home and put into boxes everything you do not need. Instead of throwing it away, donate to a charitable organization.  Additionally, take measurements of your new apartment to ensure all your furniture can fit. Lastly, make a note of items you use often, and discard all the rest. With these tips, you will finish moving into a smaller home in no time.






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