Buying a Bigger Home for Your Thriving Home-Based Business

Tips for Successfully Upsizing Your Home for Your Home-Based Business

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    Upsizing your home can be a stressful prospect. After all, selling your current home, finding a new one, and going through the purchase process are bound to bring challenges. But if your home-based business has reached the point where your current home simply doesn’t cut it, you might need to make some moves to keep your company and family thriving. Today, Sky Moving shares some information and advice to help you get started with your upsize and navigate the decisions ahead!

    Finding the Right Home

    The first step when purchasing a larger house is to find one that fits both your family’s and your business’s needs. Consider factors like location, size of the home (both inside and out), and amenities like parking or outdoor space (which can come in handy if you plan on hosting events or meetings at your home). 

    It’s also important to think about the current state of the property. Is it move-in ready? You’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your purchase by choosing a home that meets all your criteria. If you’re looking for a deal and have the time and ability to fix things up, then consider a fixer upper. Often, you can get a bigger home for much less.

    Returning to School

    Every entrepreneur has room for growth. And going back to school part-time or taking classes online is an excellent way to strengthen any weak areas in your business skill set. For example, if you don’t have much experience with accounting, management, or communication, now could be the ideal time to pursue an online bachelor’s degree in business. You’ll have more time and flexibility to manage your other responsibilities and ultimately learn skills that improve your company’s chances of success.

    Business degrees give entrepreneur’s an edge when it comes to understanding how businesses work and learning best practices for running one effectively. And if you choose to benefit from the flexibility of online learning platforms, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace without having to take too much time away from your other obligations. Here’s an option that could be a game-changer; check it out for more info.

    Establishing an LLC

    After settling into your new home, consider setting up an LLC (limited liability company) to protect your business and receive specific tax advantages. When you learn how to start an LLC, you’ll find that the business structure is designed for small businesses looking for legal protection from creditors should anything go wrong; this means that if someone sues you personally over something related to your business activities, they won’t be able to touch any assets not owned by the LLC itself. Additionally, having an LLC allows you to pay taxes at lower rates than those imposed on individuals who run their own companies without incorporation.

    Creating a Home Office

    Last but not least, you’ll need to design a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus on running things day-to-day without distraction from outside elements (think: family members or pets roaming around nearby). Start by adding comfortable ergonomic furniture. You might be surprised at the difference a high-quality office chair can make for your health and well-being as you work long days and weekends!

    Further, invest in good light fixtures; floor lamps and task lamps are preferable over fluorescent overhead lighting because they can help reduce eyestrain. Modern Castle notes that you might even consider adding soundproofing materials, such as rugs or acoustic tiles, to keep conversations from carrying over into other rooms while still maintaining privacy from outside noise sources like traffic.

    While you’re at it, stock up on basic office supplies (e.g., pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.) so that there’s always something within reach when you need it. And, of course, you’ll want to keep your home office as tidy and clean as possible. Meritage Medical Network points out that allowing clutter to pile up in your workspace can add significant stress and reduce your productivity. Come up with a quick decluttering routine for organizing your office at the end of each workday.

    Another fine point is considering the elimination of distractions. This goes beyond having a door that you can close during Zoom meetings so pets and kids aren’t able to interrupt. Think of anything that may distract you or visiting clients during the workday, such as unwanted kitchen odors, which can be easily mitigated by having proper ventilation. For example, a range hood over your cooking area will eliminate unwanted smells from the last prepared meal.

    Find the Right House for Your Plans

    Purchasing a bigger house offers plenty of benefits, but only if done correctly! Cover all your bases before signing any papers, such as researching different properties, going back to school, setting up an LLC, and building a workspace that’s conducive to productivity. Your business and family will be better positioned to flourish in no time!

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