7 reasons to move to Burbank this year

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    In 2020, the global crisis transformed many segments of peoples’ lives. Additionally, it influenced the homeowners. In 2021 they got much better chances to buy homes at desired locations. And all that thanks to the global health crisis that has historically yielded the lowest interest rates. Besides, the situation enables many homeowners to move to Burbank this year. This suburban area of Los Angeles is located at the foothills of Verdugo Mountain. Burbank is consisting of loosely connected neighborhoods. It is giving various opportunities for homeowners. Depending on their preferences, they can find condos or attached homes. Or the Los Angeles County movers can relocate them into luxury homes in the hillside area.

    People walking and seating around the big fountain on the ground floor, with shops in the background of the big shopping mall, that you can see if you move to Burbank this year
    When you move to Burbank this year, you will see the new shopping mall.

    How to choose where to live in Burbank?

    When choosing where to live in Burbank, you should consider the following:

    • living costs
    • job opportunities
    • lifestyle
    • commuting to school and work
    • access to public transportation
    • access to freeways
    • area’s crime statistics

    Combining all the pros and cons, you will have to make some compromises. That will enable you to choose the best Burbank community for yourself. Once you make the decision and buy your new home, the movers Burbank will do the rest. They will make your relocation fast and easy. Additionally, your possessions will be handled by experienced movers.

    7 main reasons why people want to move to Burbank this year

    Real estate in Burbank was never cheap. However, the global health crisis made buying a home in this area affordable. Still, this situation will not last. So, for those who want to move to Burbank, this is the right time. Overall living costs in Burbank are high. Still, some costs like health services, are cheaper than the USA average.

    Burbank area

    Burbank’s small-town vibe is attractive to many. It is nice for people looking for a peaceful place to live. In fact, it consists of various neighborhoods. The downtown area of Burbank was before known as the Media City Center. Now it is referred to as a City Center. There is situated a large shopping mall. It has three interior shopping levels and an outside shopping plaza. Burbank is also known for having the largest IKEA shopping center in the USA.

    In the Burbank area are located major entertainment companies. Some of them are Warner Bros. Studios, Walt Disney Company, etc. Thus, the entertainment industry is the biggest employer in the area. The city also has its own airport. It is named Bill Hope, after the famous comedian. Burbank is located just outside of Los Angelis. The main freeways are enabling easy access from Burbanks to downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Pasadena.

    Women's hands hold a clapperboard, to mark the beginning of filming, with sand, far hills and sky on the background
    In the Burbank area are located major entertainment companies.

    City services in Burbank

    Burbank has excellent city services. These services include police, fire service, public school, etc. It also has the city’s municipal government. The Municipal government is having its premises in the famous City Hall. Designed in the Art Deco style and completed in 1943, the City Hall is a famous historical site.

    Also, the inhabitants and the Burbank government are taking ecology seriously. They want their town to remain green and clean. The government is having various programs for ecological sustainability.  Together with citizens, they work on waste reduction, recycling, renewable energy. They all want to make their town healthier for living.

    Job opportunities to find if you move to Burbank this year

    As a media capital, Burbank has many job opportunities in the entertainment industry. Additionally, there are jobs available at the Hollywood Burbank Airport. There are many job openings in community services. You can apply to join the police, firefighter brigade, utility services, etc. If you are more admin type, you can check jobs at the municipality. You can as well get a job at restaurants and shops. Or as a sports trainer. Or in some of the local schools. You can also check with the moving companies San Fernando Valley. If you are skilled and love moving jobs, go and see them. Possibilities are many. You can as well work from home. In your free time, you can enjoy many entertainments Burbank has to offer.

    Recreation possibilities for those moving to Burbank

    Burbank is known for its numerous parks of various sizes. There are baseball fields, swimming pools, and a public golf club. On the hillsides, there are hiking and biking tracks. There are also many picnic sites. In some parks are available fitness equipment, and stages for live performances. There are also basketball and baseball playgrounds. Many activities in town are designed for seniors. All in all, you will not ever get bored if you decide to move to Burbank this year.

    Burbank attractions

    There are numerous events and festivals in Burbank. The one, very popular among citizens is the so-called “Ladies & Gents Night Out.” It takes palace every last Friday of the month. In the period from 6 to 9 PM, the citizens have free entrance to the local business. They can get special deals and free wine. It is also an excellent opportunity to support local businesses. Another popular event is the Burbank Farmers Market. It takes palace in Downtown Burbank on weekends. The families are gathering to shop from the local California producers.

    In Burbank, there are restaurants for everyone.

    Restaurants and shops in Burbank

    Burbank offers many attractions. You can go to small, family-operated shops and cafe bars. Or to unique and prestigious restaurants and a huge shopping mall. So, it has a bit for everyone. Among many, Magnolia Park is the most famous. It is located on Magnolia Boulevard. It has many antique shops, modern boutiques, and mom-and-pop retailers. The whole area has a specific, bohemian atmosphere. Its charm is so inviting. You can also just enjoy walking in the beautiful park. Or, for instance, simply stop and listen to various performances. Many restaurants are also hosting live performances. While visiting them, you can meet many celebrities having their meals. You can also try various food offers, from Cuban sandwiches and delicious burritos to local specialties.

    Burbank Weather

    Simply to say – it is sunny and nice. Or to illustrate it better, we can compare it to the Mediterranean weather. With mostly sunny days, mild winters, and cozy summer temperatures. At some summers’ temperatures are a bit higher. Still, that does not prevent outdoor activities. Many inhabitants of Burbank enjoy spending their free time in parks. Some like going for walks or hiking to the neighboring hillsides. With the nice and stable weather, they can do it at any season.

    Ready to move to Burbank this year?

    If you have decided to move to Burbank this year, while real estate costs are favorable, be fast. The real estate market will soon recover. So, use the opportunity and move to Burbank now. To speeding up your relocation, use some extra help. The hourly movers Los Angeles County will make your relocation faster and safer. All you need to do is to give us a call. And you will soon enjoy yourself in your new place in beautiful Burbank.






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